Artist and Beta Sign Ups now open!

Artist/Beta Sign Ups for Round One are now OPEN! Once again, we want to thank everyone who has signed up so far and everyone who has spread the word about this big bang–we wouldn’t be here without you!

Now, we’ve had about 50 authors sign up and we hope just as many betas and artists will sign up to match that! It’s your time to shine!

>To sign up as an artist, please use this form<

>To sign up as a beta, please use this form<

If you haven’t already, take a look at the rules and the schedule to make sure that you won’t have any conflicts before signing up.

We will also be sending out confirmation emails and if you haven’t gotten anything from us in two or more days, let us know (sometimes sign ups get slow and we forget to check the list.)

Artist and beta sign ups will be open until the day before the claims date (August 21st.) However, while artists’ talents won’t be required until after claims, authors are always in need of betas. So if anyone is interested in signing up as a beta, do not wait. Sign up as early as you can.

For more updates, track #cwflashbigbang or sign up for our mailing list. Any further questions, shoot us an ask, comment at our LJ Page-A-Mod post,or send us an email at

Author sign-ups are now open!

Sign ups for Round One is now OPEN!

To sign up as an author, please use this form

Before signing up, please take a second to look over the rules if you haven't already done so. Also, take a look at the schedule to make sure you won't have any conflicts.

We'll be sending out confirmation emails. so if you haven't heard from us in two or more days, let us know. Author sign ups will be open until May 19th, then we'll open up artist and beta sign ups. Follow us on tumblr or sign up for our mailing list to stay updated and to make surey ou won't miss any important announcements!

Any further questions, comments or concerns can be direct at the Page-a-Mod post, or send us an email at

2015 Round One Schedule

April 14th - Author sign ups open

May 19th (season 1 finale) - Author sign ups close/artist and beta sign ups open

June 19th - First author check-in

July 19th - Second author check-in

August 19th - Rough drafts and summaries due

August 21st - Summaries posted for artists to peruse before claiming opens

August 22nd - Claiming opens

October 1st - Final drafts due

October TBA - Posting begins the day of the season 2 premiere


Author Rules

  • Fics must be at least 10K

  • Any ships are fair game, so long as the focus is on CW Flash characters

  • Side characters from other fandoms are welcome!

  • You can't use old fics you've already published somewhere else. Make something new!

  • WIPs are allowed, as well as sequels to old fics

  • You must not post your story anytime or anywhere before the posting date

Artist Rules

  • Art can by anything: photosets, gifsets, traditional art, digital art, fanmixes

  • You must not post your art anytime or anywhere before the posting date

The complete FAQ list can be found on our tumblr page. Any other comments, questions or concerns? Page-a-Mod!